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Becoming a Subcontractor

When you become a Sub-Contractor for Marobbies Business Services, you will be transporting good for a wide range of loyal and reliable customers. You will be offered a change to become part of the network that covers the whole of South African market.

Becoming a Sub-contractor for MAROBBIES BUSINESS SERVICES, helps you develop your business and create sustainable growth for both our businesses.


With our extensive years of experience, you rest assured knowing your drivers are in good hands.

To Join Our Team:

Contact our Subcontractor Department

+27 73 5059 338


+27 63 7566 229

We enjoy helping others to help themselves, and constantly withdraw from our resources to be more generous

Working with us means working with one of the biggest transport and logistics companies in South Africa. We focus on sustainable growth and development of small scale transport companies in the continent of Africa.

As a fixed subcontractor, it allows you to benefit from all our exclusive offers ranging from discounted diesel costs, bonuses and high income that gives additional advantages to the development of your business.

Truck or Fleet Requirements: 

- Stop Blocks

- Rotating Yellow and Orange Light

- Reverse Horn

- Triangle

- 9Kg Fire Extinguisher

- No Oil Leaks

- No Open EBR Wires

- Good Life on Tyres

- All Lights and Indicators in Working Order

- Safety Chain

- Mirrors

- Breakdown Signs

- Functional Seat Belts

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