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For more information and to find out if your organization is eligeable for support from Marobbies Business Services, please contact our Social Development Department during office hours on or alternatively contact us on +27735059338


Commitment to Sustainability

We love our society and caring for them, is one of our priorities

We are accountable for fulfilling our civic duties and intend to benefit the whole society with our actions. we ensure a balance between economic growth and the welfare of our society and the environment as a whole. As a company that is built from a society, we give back to our communities through many activities that enriche lives from all corners of the world. We love and care for all communities nationwide. For more information contact us


HIV/AIDS Education and Counseling

Orphans, Vulnerible and Child-headed households support

Rural Education and Development Programs

Youth and Women

Entrepreneurship Development

Youth Education and Support Programs

Food Parcels and Food Growth Support Program

Who qualifies for Social Support?

The following persons, entities, organizations, projects and institutions shall not qualify as beneficiaries - 


  • Individuals,
  • Gambling Activities,
  • Organizations operating outside the borders of South Africa,
  • Organizations that are either insolvent or do not exercise sound financial control in the opinion of Marobbies Business Services Board of Directors,
  • Lobbying innitiatives, and
  • any projects with cultural, religious or political exclusivity